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Mutual Aid Responder

TriCitiesRACES Membership Level II

The next step in the training process is to become proficient in the skills and protocols necessary to be used in a Mutual Aid activation. In the event of a major incident outside of the cities we represent, we can be asked to assist other agencies or volunteer communications groups with a response.

The Level II operator in TriCities RACES will have a series evaluated skill levels that will insure that he or she will be ready to confidently represent our organization and Cities when supporting outside entities. We will use this training to engage in continued education within our own group training efforts.

Not going to this level does not mean your Level I membership is not valuable to the group. We will need to have volunteers who stay close to home and handle the needs of the local Cities.

The skills that Level I operators have are a huge asset to the group. We need to have the next level so incoming membership will have a methodology that advances their level of skill and knowledge.